OG influencers



I'm not going to lie, when I wake up and grab my iPhone to turn off my alarm, my thumb immediately presses Instagram. It's what wakes my eyes up. I use it to get inspired about what to eat, what to wear, what color to paint my nails. Perhaps I'm just admitting how impressionable I am, but at least I'm being honest. Well regardless, Instagram evokes a genuine sense of personal inspiration, in real time, and supposedly real space. Social media was generated as a means to create and share. But all too often we lose sight of that. We consume information and visuals by the second and we tend to blindly push and absorb rather than actually create and share- our findings, our curiosities, what we've learned, what we're inspired by. I'm as big of victim as any to this frenzied habit, so I'm dedicating small bits of time and effort to document and express what genuinely inspires me on a daily basis with my chosen social media-medicine of choice: Instagram.

These three are killing it when it comes to original content and voice on Instagram, creating community and conveying inspirational energy in new ways:

Jihan Zencirli (@geronimoballoons) is well, how should I put this, basically the coolest person on the internet. I'm actually surprised she hasn't broken it yet. Creator of Geronimo Balloons, she's a creative director-turned-balloon installation artist, which is one of those things that everyone wishes they'd thought of first. Jihan is one of those super-humans like Oprah or Emeril that is born to have a platform because anything they say will either be entertaining, inspiring, or just plain interesting to listen to. She's the queen of non sequitur and her Instagram stories are gems. Trust me there's not too much needed to be convinced here. Plus, she's up for a Shorty Award.


Dirk Dallas (@dirka) is not only a crazy talented drone photographer and founder of trending Instagram (@fromwhereidrone) but a fellow SCAD graduate student. His photography is one of many leading the way towards seeing the world differently. I didn't really grasp just how talented and insta-famous my fellow classmate was until an article+interview of him pop into my email box from Artifact Uprising. He's also got a sick Adobe Lightroom Preset kit you can download.


MOLD (@thisismold) is "the intersection of food and design" and was the hub for my research when I decided that food & design was a good topic for graduate school (which it was, but just a bit too broad for one paper). They've got a great inspirational feed of images, news, art, etc. on their Instagram which is just a peek into the curated news they carry about all things food, art, design and everything in-between. Plus, damn, look at that color palette.