what's the deal with cooper black?


Am I right? It's everywhere. Sometimes, most times, it's nearly invisible as I walk past a hotdog stand or read a sign that says 'OPEN'. But in instances where it's used in punchy, cheeky ways... I just want to throw my money at it and have all the things/support the cause. And although it may just be my news bubble, when spotting Cooper Black in upcoming trends beyond hot-dog menus, I'm finding a major correlation between uses, (Wildfox, ban.do, Obsessee).


If we trace back to the last time this fat-faced typestyle was popular (the 1970's), it was the visual voice of pop culture. Vinyl records, camp t-shirts, banners and flags. But when looked upon closer, its underlying cause was a revival of 1930's design. Both of these eras where defined, and later, vindicated by social action to controversial politics and actions. Could this latest revival be similarly defined? The modern women's movement is driven by a rally cry centering around positivity and embracing the feminine. When pop culture is looking to extend hands that reach in both the direction of fun and social calls-to-action, it pulls Cooper Black off the shelf and onto the sandwich board. A font so intertwined with the DIY aesthetic and whimsy that it adds elements of both fun and social calls-to-action effortlessly. Because it will all at once give you a stance and a smile. It's an 'I care that you don't care' approach. 

Cooper Black is both the underdog and the cool kid at the lunch table, the girl with both Lip Smackers and Glossier in her bag, and is all things cheeky yet understated. It's the way to communicate a balanced nuance of ambivalence with objection. And somehow lets some sunshine in the mix while doing it.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.11.37 PM.png
*accompaniments to this social brand wave include millennial pink, enamel pins, thrift shopping, and DIY patches and flair.

Shoutout to the Creative Lady Collective for helping me brainstorm and gather all these thoughts into something!