prescription for an in-between mind

This is an interpretation of a hollistic prescription kit to assist with finding resolution for those who feel their thoughts are stuck in the inbetween. The kit explains ‘inbetween’ as a diagnostic and offers remedies and supplements to aid in their resolve. As a meditative ‘medicine’, it offers a source of relief and provides an opportunity for reflection. The kit hopes to allow progress to evaluate their situation and go forth more resolved. Different strategies and meditative practices apply to the user’s best mode of learning and their comfort. Hypnagogia for physical concentration, twilight for visual concentration, and mantra for auditory concentration.

DESIGN OPPORTUNITY: Seeing Differently        INTENT: Play with a purpose


Though the kit is most accessible and relatable to creative minded users– a great use for the cure and overcoming of creative block–
the kit’s intention can be used as a resource for many different fields. Perhaps those who may be between chapters of their life or are
looking for a sign of change.

Every element of the design was purposefully representative of states of ‘in-between’, such as the absence of ink by use of engraving, translucent vellum, and delicate materiality. By using the thematic element of ‘in-between’ in both the visual outcomes and the concept, the project illustrates the transience of an idea existing in both reality and the mind, stuck between phases and, in turn, feeling not fully graspable. Mundane packaging materials are paired with beautifully crafted concepts.



Photography courtesy of Kelsey Hansen.